BSA Check My Swag, ennobled & Sire of Merit......2012 ABGA National Grand Champion Buck

Unfortunately, we have lost Swag to an injury. We have semen available at $100 a straw. Contact us for shipping!

Check My Swag was a standout the day he hit the ground, Aryn and Pops both agreed he was bound for greatness, Me, Yeah, I was always the Beast fan. Swag was sired by the 2007 ABGA National Grand Champion Buck, DCW Bo-Jangle, ennobled and out of our great show doe, RRD Crown Jewel, ennobled (full sister to the late, great, RRD Gauge, ennobled). This big guys puts it all together....length, power, bone, muscle, width, and has a beautiful head to match. He will no longer be seen in the show ring, but we hope to see lots of winning offspring for years to come.

                                   2010 JABGA National Reserve Champion Buck

                                              BSA Check My Swag, ennobled & Sire of Merit


BSA Bo-Beast, Ennobled & BSA Check My Swag, ennobled & Sire of Merit, 2012 ABGA National Champion Buck

2011 ABGA National Grand Champion Best Pair of Senior Bucks & 2012 ABGA National Grand Champion Best Pair of Senior Bucks

2010 ABGA National Reserve Best Pair of Buck Kids

Flush Mate Brothers....RRD Crown Jewel, ennobled x DCW Bo-Jangle,  Semen $100 a straw for Check My Swag

 FSemen $100.00 a straw for Bo-Beast

Big, Powerful, Massive Bone, Ripped Muscle, Rib Shape & Style, They have it All!!!!


          2011 National Grand Champion Best Pair of Senior Bucks


                                  2010 National Reserve Champion Best Pair Jr Bucks

These 2 boys started out Good and have finished out Good! BSA Bo-Beast, ennobled & BSA Check My Swag, ennobled & Sire of Merit!


BSA Bo-Beast , ennobled   2012 Fort Worth Stock Show (American Premier) Grand Champion Buck!! 

Beast is our power boy! He is loaded with it!  Super wide based front & back, massive bone, Loaded with muscle, and has that beautiful ennobled head. His bloodlines aren't too shabby either. Sired by DCW Bo-Jangle, the 2007 ABGA National Champion Buck and Dam is our Multi- Champion Doe, RRD Crown Jewel, ennobled with over 400 points,and full sister to RRD Gauge, ennobled. These guys aren't disappointing us producing either. Our first doe kid out of Beast, BSA She's All Ablaze, was Grand Champion at the very first show we took her to! We think these guys will bring back to the industry what it needs! Power, Bone, Mass, Length & Size.... Time to Get back to what a Meat Goat is suppose to be!!!!!     Semen available $100 0a straw.

                                                        CBW Power Drive (10562721)

                                 ( HC Fix It's Flash Drive "Monster"x Eggs X073, a Powerplay daughter)

                                                          Sold to Lynn & Linda West.


Power Drive came to us via Linda West of CBW Boer Goats...We think he brings everything to the table that we Demand in a Buck. Bone, Muscle, Power, and that Beautiful ennobled Head! We have been looking for that perfect guy to cross with our Beast & Swag doe kids and we think we found him. We give up nothing adding this guy to our Herd Sires, and he brings bloodlines to our herd that we trust and that continue to make a big impact on the industry today. Power Drive comes to us with Show points and already some Grands and Reserves and we hope to continue to pack up the points with this awesome Guy! DOB 12/22/2011.  Semen $100.00 a straw

                                         TC1 Rawhide, ennobled

Rawide is the Sire of the 2010 ABGA National Grand Champion Doe "TC1 W604", Glamourous!

 We are absolutely thrilled to get to own Rawhide. We have had so many good kids by Rawhide, we could not see him anywhere but with us. Rawhide has over 800 points. He was a great show buck, winning both San Antonio & San Angelo the same year. He has not only proven he can produce great show goats, but he has also proven he can produce great producing goats. Rawhide is by RRD S900 "Full Metal Jacket" (A Gauge Son), and out of NK36-03, a multiple champion doe (Flash Daughter, purchased at Kohl's Ranch). Rawhide has consistently given us and the Cudes our best show animals, putting that huge level top, massive bone, beautiful head and that "WoW" they need in the show ring. Our % Doe  "BSA Tip Toes" (Rawhide daughter) has already had multiple championships, including the 2009 San Antonio Grand Champion % doe. And TC1 W604 (Rawhide daughter) was the 2009 San Antonio Junior Livestock Show's $10,000.00 scholarship doe & 2010 Fort Worth Reserve Champion Doe (both days) and is now  The 2010 ABGA National Grand Champion Fullblood Doe, (now owned by Nathan Duncan and Sunshine Boer Goats). He has produced many other great does including, BSA Kiss This, TC1 W662 (now owned by Sunshine Boer Goats/Wards Boer Goats), TC1 W769 (Easter Chick),  and so many others! Rawhide is no longer with us, but we still have semen available.

Limited amount of Semen available through A Bar or EGGS at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ......$100.00 a straw.


                 Reference Sires

 TC1 "Rawhide" Ennobled

Rawhide is a buck of Warren & Darla Cude that we have

used in our breeding  program extensively. He has always

given us great kids. He was the 2006 San Antonio &

San Angelo Grand Champion Buck. He is the sire of our great

 percentage doe" Tip Toes" (check her out on the winners page).

RRD "Full Metal Jacket" Ennobled

Full Metal Jacket is the sire of TC1 Rawhide and many other greats. He is a full brother

to RRD "Pow" a buck that John & Jackie Edwards used in their breeding program. Full Metal

Jacket was used in our breeding program in 2006-07 and is the sire of our great little fullblood

doe "Full Metal Bling" and our percentage doe "Ice Cream".

RRD Gauge ennobled

What can you say about Gauge but ...the proof is in

the pudding...or in this case the offspring. Gauge has over 3600

points and over a hundred offspring that accumulated those points.

Gauge "deceased" is owned by John & Jackie Edwards.

RRD "Remington" ennobled

An own son of Magnum. He is probably most

famous for being the sire of RRD Gauge, the #1

point earning buck in the ABGA. Remington is

also the sire of our great doe RRD Crown Jewel.

DCW B0-Jangle


DCW Bo-Jangle was the 2006 ABGA National Grand Champion Buck. He is long, has massive bone and is super square on all corners, we wanted to bring these traits into our herd, so we flushed him to our winning show doe, and full sister to RRD Gauge, ennobled, "Crown Jewel".